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Subject: cp ped xxx NEW STORY: "Geek Sex 2" (m/m, pedo, alexcplover free pages oral)
Date: 29 Jan 1995 23:43:12 -0800
Organization: Teleport - Portland's Public Access (503) 220-1016
Lines: 137
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]Archive-name: geeksex2.txt Read the original "Geek Sex" before reading this.Geek Sex 2
---- --- - cp free pic After my glorious two minutes with Nora, I was filled with high
hopes for the future. Little did I know what was in store for me. I
arrived home that cialis 10mg cp 4
day to find my Internet account deactivated, just
because I hadn't paid the service provider in the last four months.
I mean, asian girls cp come on, my taxes paid for the Internet in the first place,
I shouldn't have to pay to use it. Well, OK, if I had a job, or lived in
a state with a sales tax, then my tax money would have paid for it.
But somebody's tax dollars did, so I should be allowed on free.
At school and on the bus, I tried to approach Nora several
times and arrange a repeat of our breathtaking copulation on the
floor of the computer lab. She spurned me, though, called me a dork in
front of her friends and laughed until I bowed my head and walked away. She
soon found someone else to relieve her sexual frustrations with. He was
tall and always clad in leather and 256-eye Doc Martens. His face had more
piercings then I had fingers. He was the lead singer for a local
techno-industrial-trance-goth-post-punk-with-a-pop-sensibility group called
Penis Crust. He was a sensitive artist, and he showed it by repeatedly
kicking my ass after school until I left Nora alone.
Desperate lonely, I started calling local bulletin board systems to
relieve my boredom. A cheap and incredibly time-consuming hobby. I joined a
local ANSi group called MAKROEZ of DISTRUKSION and weasled a few Sysops
into letting me be a Remote. I was soon enthralled by a world sex cp russian of MAKROEZ
and WAR SUBZ and WAREZ, a world where having no social life kdz cp preview was a
badge of pride.
That was how I met "George Stark". He ran a free picposts BBS called Digital
Underground. I saw an entry for it in a BBS list and called in the hopes
that the "underground" in the name meant WAREZ in the x-fers. I logged in
as a new user and had just entered my age and gender when the Sysop (George
Stark) broke into chat. We chatted for a bit, then I broke the big
question: "DO family sex tpg cp U HAVE cialis 10mg cp 4 ANE WAREZ?" He told me he didn't allow any on the BBS,
but that if I came to his house he'd let me copy some of his best stuff. I
readily agreed. Anything for WAREZ!
George Stark lived in a scuzzy neighborhood in the city. The next
day I hopped a couple of buses and walked a few blocks to his apartment.
It was on the ground floor. I knocked, and a few seconds later a
middle-aged, balding, somewhat-overweight white male opened the door.
He chuckled. "Psycho Clam, I presume?"
"Ummm, yeah, well, my real name is Pete."
"Heh. Call me George."
His apartment was a sty. It looked a lot like my room, only
spread out over an entire one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and
bath. Soiled clothing was strewn about the floor. Dirty dishes were
piled in the sink. On the kitchen counter, ants battled over a
lump of white sugar. The walls were bare; the only furniture was
a TV, small couch, and a mattress.
We made our way into the bedroom, all the while gossiping
about users and talking shop about BBS software. It was obvious
that no one slept here. The room was filled with sparkling computer
equipment. Three '486s, it looked like, each with its own phone
line. The closet was packed with used drives, keyboards, and cables.
George sat down in front of the middle computer. I kds cp ranchi stood cp chil porno
him, watching the monitor. "I've got a gig of software on here. What
exactly were you interested in?"
"Ummm...I dunno. WAREZ."
He chuckled. "Well, what kinds of WAREZ?"
"Ummm...any kind, I guess."
"Well...what kinds do you enjoy the most? Or use the most?"
"Ummm...I usually just save them to floppy and upload them
to improve my ratio."
"Ahhh. I see. " He changed the subject. "Have you seen the
new series of Bunny .GIFs? Quite interesting."
"Well, no. I had the first two series when I still had my
Internet account. No decent porn BBS will give me access because of my
age, but no one cares on Internet. What's Bunny up to now-a-days?"
"I'll show you." And boy, did he. We watched Bunny fucking
one guy, Bunny fucking two guys, Bunny fucking herself, Bunny
fucking any of a number of other women, Bunny fucking a horse,
Bunny fucking a pregnant hermaphrodite. In spite of the weird stuff,
I found myself getting aroused. George's breathing was heavy and
"Ever seen the...Little Justin series?"
"Ummm, no."
He chuckled again, a low, throaty chuckle that made me
vaguely nervous. "Here we go." Little Justin was a 12 or 13 year
old boy with shaggy brown hair. His braces were nearly always
visible due to his huge, dumb smile. I dunno how he managed that
smile while being fucked up the ass by hairy, older guys, or
giving one of his patented rimjobs. But he managed. I was wondering
if Nora was into russian cp this sort of thing when I felt hands at my zipper.
"Huuuh? What the hell?"
"Shhh." George yanked out my still-hard dick and deep-throated
it in one swift motion. My words of protest were cut off by the
feel of his tongue darting around my ridge of bdsm cp circumcision.
"Oh...ummm...I...'m...not...really into cp galleries nude
He ignored me and continued to give me an amazing blowjob.
I moaned, not really wanting to enjoy myself, but doing so all the
same. His mouth and tongue were much more pleasurable then Nora's
soppy fishy huge cunt. Nora...I started to moan and thrust my hips. I
pictured her in my mind, decked out in flannel, listening to Offspring in
her room, dying her hair and getting yelled at by her parents for it,
piercing her clitoris...a million Noras in a million situations flashed
through my mind. Before I knew it I was yelling, screaming, and cumming.
George milked me for every last drop and left the room for a drink of water.
"Shit...shit...what the hell? cp nude child
What have I done?" I muttered
as I pulled up my pants. I grabbed my coat and the box of blank
floppies I had brought with me. Suddenly George appeared in the
"Where kds cps sex do you think you're going?" he asked with a playful
look in his eyes.
"'ll yell if I come home late."
"Let's pretend I'm your daddy, OK?"
"NO! Look, I cp galleries nude really have to go."
He walked towards me. "And I really have to cum."
"Well...I saw some hand lotion in the bathroom. Go to it."
He chuckled, and said in a pseudo-sexy voice that chilled me to the
bone, "Your anal cherry is mine, boy."
That cut it. I freaked and gave him a solid kick in his
crotch. He moaned and dropped to his knees. "I'm...not...into...
S&M..." he panted. I ran for my life, out of the room, out of the
apartment, and down to the bus stop. * * * I walked the streets for hours, thinking. My emotions ran
the spectrum from mind-numbing shame to a guilty enjoyment of what
had happened.
I gave a floppy disk to everyone who asked me for change,
then tossed the empty box away. A group of Nora's friends walked
by. As I rounded the corner I faintly heard one of them say "Yeah,
that's the dork who..."
As I boarded the bus for home I took comfort in the thought
that imgboard cp I still had until age 18 to hit my sexual prime.Basehead (, 1-28-95--

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